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Life lessons learnt from Friends

FRIENDS is no doubt a classic sitcom that everyone absolutely loves. It was run throughout the mid 90s til the early 2000s and it is still as popular today as it was back then. The intelligent comedic acting and the one liners have made us fall in love with all six of the characters. They will stay in our lives, whether we religiously watch the series or not. It is engrained in our pop culture even after 9 years. 

Rachel Green

  1. Never go on a break in a relationship.
  2. It is acceptable to be selfish when you are pregnant, Even going as far as banning the father of the baby to date anyone else.
  3. Being independent and following what you think is right is so much more fulfilling than being a dependent all your life.
  4. The popular girl in high school will always be popular. No matter how crazy rumours about her are.
  5. Singing/ rapping about big butts is totally acceptable as long as it is for a good reason. Such as trying to make your baby laugh.
  6. The mean girl can actually be a really nice person, after high school.
  7. Being friends with the right sister who will buy you stuff, like a boat, because you complimented her is very important.
  8. Crying almost always gets you out of trouble every time.
  9. Quitting your job that you hate so much may be the wisest career move you ever make.
  10. Always double and triple check your resume before starting a work chain to send them out.

Ross Geller

  1. Following your childhood dream makes a very exciting career.
  2. Spelling is important: Y-O-U-R means your and Y-O-U-‘-R-E means you are.
  3. It is important to know that you never count mississippily when going for a spray tan.
  4. If you are a space person when sleeping, the Hug and Roll technique will give your partner a cuddle and you, space. But do not let your partner find out.
  5. Always read your letters thoroughly to avoid misunderstanding and saying ‘yes’ to something you have no idea what you just said ‘yes’ to.
  6. Do not date students.
  7. It is not enough to have self- defence lessons. You must also have the state of total awareness: “unagi”.
  8. Do not yell at your boss/ co- worker for a turkey sandwich. Even if it is the best.
  9. Never ever make a list of someone’s pros and cons. That is just stupid.
  10. Always say the right name at your own wedding.

Monica Geller

  1. Never bet your apartment. Unless your apartment isn’t as great as the one you want to win.
  2. If you want to have great sex, there are 7 zones to be aware of.
  3. Cameras add 10 pounds.
  4. Always expect something to go wrong before, during or after Thanksgiving dinner.
  5. Assertiveness is key to life and getting your well deserved money.
  6. Putting money in the stock market, even though the company is in your name, kind of, is not a wise move. Especially when you have no back up money.
  7. Being a crazy neat freak is beautiful and might come in handy at times- like when your friend is looking for a career change.
  8. Buying overly overpriced boots is ok, as long as they look good on you and you prove to people that you can afford it.
  9. Show everyone who is boss.
  10. It is possible to meet a love interest if you take a job that you mother set up for you.


Chandler Bing

  1. If you want to escape someone’s company and they do not take the hint, go to Yemen.
  2. Do not date someone more than once. Twice maximum.
  3. Always use humour as your go- to defence mechanism.
  4. Do not make out with your best friend’s sister while drunk, if at all. Especially if you can’t tell which sister it was.
  5. Do not kiss your best friend’s girlfriend.
  6. Not crying ever is absolutely ok. No, it really is, it’s ok.
  7. It is possible to have a great smile when no cameras are involved but once in front of one, all bets are off.
  8. Thanksgiving is the worst holiday out of all holidays.
  9. Always invite both your parents to the wedding. Even if you have to go to Vegas to invite your father personally.
  10. Correct other people if they call you by a different name.

Phoebe Buffay

  1. It is ok to wear a fur coat if you look good in it.
  2. Always have a fake name ready.
  3. A selfless good deed does not exist.
  4. Evolution may not be real.
  5. Always bring maternity pants when you go food shopping- they are handy for stealing rockmelons. If you’re into that sort of thing.
  6. Organic wax is edible.
  7. Taking the money your twin sister earned by using your name in porn is not wrong at all.
  8. How to run and enjoy running.
  9. Lobsters mate for life and everyone has one.
  10. Dinosaurs make ‘ruff’ sounds.

Joey Tribbiani

  1. “How you doing?” in that tone works perfectly as a pick up line. Without fail.
  2. Always have a fake name ready.
  3. Vocabulary lesson for the day: Moo- adjective to describe that something doesn’t matter.
  4. A nap with your best friend can be weird but can also be the best nap you ever have.
  5. Don’t let others put you down and hold you back. Even if they mean well and tell you it’s time for a career change when you aren’t going anywhere in your chosen profession.
  6. Always think and look for new ways to audition. Be it on a movie set while visiting a monkey friend or making a toast at your friends’ wedding.
  7. Half an hour is an acceptable and appropriate amount of time to wait before you get involve with someone new.
  8. It takes 10 years to forgive your best friend for making out with your sister who he can’t tell apart.
  9. If you need to act urgent in an audition, drink as much liquid as you can.
  10. If you are not a person who is one with the words, always use and exploit the thesaurus.

Hope these bring back nostalgic memories that make you laugh since FRIENDS has always been there to cheer us all up!


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